Kuumba Youth Music are pleased to be working with our  partners Tomorrow’s Warriors and Royal Academy of Music on this network.


The Royal Academy of Music will be hosting the next event and are keen that the Network makes a difference. The Academy is delighted to be part of The Advance Network. It’s easy for all of us who work in education to ‘pass the buck’, and feel that we can do little about the barriers that are faced by young black and ethnic minority musicians in accessing high quality musical education and training.  The Academy has a firm commitment to help find long-term solutions to this problem, through the outreach work of Open Academy, through our Junior Academy, as well as at Higher Education level in the Senior Academy. By being open about areas in which we could ourselves do better, as well as identifying difficulties over which our own organisations have little direct control, we can all work together to realise more of the untapped potential that we know exists amongst black, Asian and minority ethnic musicians across the nation.


Tomorrow’s Warriors have been on tour  in their successful ‘Lively Up’ festival. We hope to hear from Janine and Gary in our next post.


We welcome contributions from individuals or organisations who have something to say on the topic of progression and access for BAME young musicians and classical music. If you want to add your voice or contribute a short article on the work your group or organisation are doing then drop us a line at


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